SEA CHARIOT is an underwater vehicle suitable for commercial or military tasks to a maximum depth of 30meters.  It can also be used for recreational purposes.  This highly maneuverable submersible has been designed to carry three people, two divers and one pilot for an operational period of about two hours; alternatively it can carry two people plus equipment.

The Sea Chariot is complete with on-board air supply, underwater communications between divers and pilot plus a full range of safety features.  A number of optional accessories such as Forward Looking Sonar and Navigation Modules are also available on request.


Overall length: 3.8meters
Maximum height: 0.7 meters
Maximum width: 1.85meters with fins extended
Maximum width: 1.105meters without fins extended
Weight: 250 Kg
Air supply: 2 tanks plus 1 spare
Buoyancy: Neutral with independent airbags for emergency ascent
Construction: Reinforced fiberglass and hard black Anodized aluminium
Colour: Black or Sports Yellow           
Environment: Military or Commercial
Speed: 3knots typical
Operational depth: 30 meters


Operation: Sprung loaded button switch
Power source: 36v Lead Acid Battery in patented pressurized housing or Lithium Ion Battery Modules
Recharge time: 3 hours
Operational duration: approx 2 hours with standard Batteries

SEA CHARIOT is supplied in a standard format as follows:

Sea Chariot complete with Lead Acid batteries, Compass, Battery Status Indicators and Air Contents Gauges.
Transport Trailer
Operator Manual

Special configurations designed to meet specific specifications are available after consultation with T.E.I Ltd.  A dedicated military version of the SEA CHARIOT is also available.